QRA for Fixed Facilities & Transportation/Facility Siting


This one day Applied QRA and Facility Siting Using SuperChems™ course will demonstrate how ioMosaic’s Process Safety Office™ SuperChems™ software component can take users through the process of setting up a consequence analysis, quantitative risk analysis or facility siting study from start to finish. It assumes some familiarity with the concepts presented, and will benefit anyone interested in SuperChems™, from novice to experienced users.


  • Consequence analysis, facility siting and QRA concepts
  • SuperChems™ QRA objects
  • Source term models
  • Dispersion models
  • Fire models
  • Explosion Models
  • Generating QRA results
  • Hands-on examples Facility siting standards: API RP 752 and other related standards
  • Building siting evaluation process
  • Building analysis and design tools: building damage assessment and detailed structural analysis


This training will help process/safety engineers and managers who wish to familiarize themselves with the concepts and basics of QRA as it relates to fixed facilities and transportation and facility siting using SuperChems™. This course is designed for process industry professionals responsible for performing consequence modeling or using its results in risk assessments, emergency response planning, loss prevention, inherently safer designing, facility siting, or environmental protection. This course is particularly suited to beginner, novice, or infrequent SuperChems™ users that are involved in process safety, risk analysis, or facility siting.


$995 (1-day Quantitative Risk Analysis/Facility Siting Training)

$2,295 (Discount applied if taken with Consequence Analysis Modeling )