Employee Testimonials

Here is what employees around the company have to say about what it's like to work at ioMosaic.


"Whenever I talked about work to friends and family, I always mention how ‘brilliant’ people are here."

"It surprised me how very open and welcoming the company is to new hires.  Everyone at ioMosaic is ready and willing to answer any questions; everyone gets along well and does their best to work together."

"Everyone here works as a team and is willing to help out with questions.  Everyone has a very positive attitude and shares new things learned.  Everyone is also hard working."

"There is a lot of individual project work to do but everybody is available for help and guidance if needed.  I was surprised by the helpfulness of co-workers."

"I like the openness and availability of the employees.  I feel comfortable asking anyone in the office a question."

"I like how relaxed the office is and the lack of corporate feel or micromanagement.  It is a very comfortable environment."

Unit Leader

"I was surprised by how much new hires are allowed to take on when first coming to work here.  Management shows a real faith in their employees.  Bright, ambitious, proactive people are recognized and rewarded for helping grow and build the company. I have never experienced employees at all levels be able to really impact a company’s direction as they do here."

"I was surprised about how ‘laid back’ the office culture is."

"I like how fast the company is growing."

(staff level) 

"What surprised me most about ioMosaic was the ‘small company’ feel. Knowing all employees and being able to contact anyone at any level so easily was surprising."

"I was surprised by the flexible nature of the management style.  We are all trusted to make sure we get the work done." 

Support Staff

"I like the benefits package.  It is nice having 100% of health benefits paid by the company."

"I was surprised by how much the company does (service-wise).  We offer process safety services, we host training, we develop software, and we have a dedicated software team on staff to stay leading edge. I also like the freedom to provide creative ideas."

"I like the atmosphere and culture here. ioMosaic is a fast growing company, for me, it means more challenges and opportunities. I like to learn new stuff."


 "I like our CEO’s passion for the company and its employees.  His commitment and dedication to growing the company is infectious and drives everyone to do a good job.  I love the brilliance of the employees collectively.  The environment is very invigorating.  Everyone is driven to do a good job and they are always looking to learn and do more. Very inspiring!"