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White Papers

Analysts agree that ioMosaic's Safety & Risk Management helps companies achieve cost-effective solutions to their safety-and-risk challenges.

Check out these available White Papers for more information

NO. Title
1 Laminar Flame Speeds Data Collection. Ensuring reliable data for explosions characterization
2 Changes to the 2013 Edition of NFPA 654
3 Estimate Vibration Risk for Relief and Process Piping
4 Update Your HAZCOM Program for Combustible Dusts
5 Changes to the 2011 edition of NFPA 654
6 Compliance with OSHA's Process Safety Management Performance Based Standard
7 A Summary of the Reissued OSHA Combustible Dust NEP
8 An Overview of the CCPS Guideline on Process Safety Considerations During the Merger and Acquisition Process
9 Process Hazard Analyses for Dust Handling Operations
10 Completing your CSAT - Top Screen, RMP, PSM, and now CFATS
11 QRA and ERS: an Integrated Approach
12 Understand LNG Fire Hazards
13 Modeling LNG Pool Spreading and Vaporization
14 Maximize Use of your Existing Flare Structures
15 Conduct Effective Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) Studies
16 Understand LNG Rapid Phase Transitions
17 Corporate Management of a Major Crisis
18 Managing LNG Risks: Separating Facts from Myths
19 Strategy for Managing Reactivity Hazards
20 Continuous PHA Revalidation
21 Understanding NJ TCPA for Effective Reactivity Management
22 Realizing Cost and Safety Benefits from Knowledge Management and Workflow Automation Solutions
23 Management Of Change Or Change Of Management?
24 Reactivity Screening Made Easy - PRESENTATION
25 Risk-Based Process Safety Design, A Cost-Effective Route to Enhanced Process Safety
26 Polymerization Modeling For Relief Systems Design
27 Risk Ranking For PHA, LOPA And Facility Siting --Part II
28 Analyze Safety Integrity Levels (SIL) Using Fault Trees
29 Reactivity Screening Made Easy
30 The Five Biggest Process Safety Challenges For 2003
31 Security and Vulnerability Assessment Revealed
32 Facility Major Risk Survey
33 Best Practices For Interviewing Following An Incident -- Part II
34 The Impact Of Quality On The Effectiveness Of Process Hazard Analysis
35 Reactive Chemical Storage--How To Determine If Your Insulation Is Going To Work
36 High Viscosity Two-Phase Flow Through Relief Valves And Pipes: Is Anyone Doing It Right?
37 Best Practices for Saving and Protecting Critical Data Following an Incident – Part I
38 If Your PSM Program Is So Great, Why are You Still Having Accidents?
39 Why Process Safety Management Audits Fail
40 Designing An Effective Risk Matrix
41 How Much Safety is Enough – Loss Prevention and Reliability
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