Auditing Process Safety Management Systems

Do I need to conduct an audit?

Audits are the ongoing quality assurance process for your process safety management (PSM) systems. They are typically designed to ensure that these systems are in compliance with regulations (OSHA PSM and EPA RMP) and conforming to industry and company standards and guidelines, such as the CCPS book, “Guidelines for Risk Based Process Safety.”

Leading an Audit Team

ioMosaic professionals understand how to judiciously gather audit data while maintaining a high level of credibility. ioMosaic provides continuous communication with facility personnel to ensure they understand the audit process and their role.

We will work with your audit team to provide the necessary hands-on experience to be an effective team leader or audit team member.

Experienced Professionals

ioMosaic professionals are team leaders and experts in individual PSM program elements. We wrote the book, “Guidelines for Auditing Process Safety Management Systems,” which is the industry standard text for PSM auditing for AIChE CCPS.

We have developed and implemented individual PSM program elements, such as leading process hazard analyses. We integrate best industry practices into the performance-based expectations of PSM compliance programs in order to provide you with cost-effective solutions to address program deficiencies.

Auditing Tools

The heart of an audit is the protocol that guides team members through each step of the audit process. Our protocols go beyond the compliance requirements and address the equally important quality issues of each PSM element

Our Process Safety Office™ component ioAuditor™ software has pre-populated audit protocols to simplify documentation of audit findings and communication to the client. Audit findings can also be downloaded into our Process Safety Enterprise® system to manage and track action items over the web.