ioAuditor records the results of any type of audit including process safety management and risk management plan compliance audits. prepackaged audit templates include:

  • OSHA’s PSM Compliance Directive
  • NEP audit
  • NEP "Off-Script" audit
  • RMP elements based on EPA criteria
  • VPP PSM audit guidance
  • Good management practice items

A True Windows Excel™ Application

  • Uses standard Excel menus and keystrokes
  • Each element is saved as a separate tab in the Excel workbook
  • Shares data with other Windows applications
  • Prints reports using Windows Print Manager

Additional Features

  • Easy navigation tool for worksheets
  • Automatically generates table of contents (TOC)
  • Auditor sheet for tracking who audited which portions of each process
  • Automatically sorts findings by regulator, local emphasis, or fully compliant
  • New audit sections can be created or can be copied from existing sections to generate audits of multiple covered processes for a specific element
  • Contains default phrases to simplify recording (the user can enter up to 20 custom phrases)
  • Automatically generates unique identifier for audit finding
  • Automatically formats all worksheets for printing
  • Automatically creates an action item summary table with additional columns for implementing and tracking action items that can be exported to Process Safety Enterprise™ for action tracking
  • Auditor comments from working papers can be attached to the audit worksheet
  • Options for printing reports include “regulatory only” or “comprehensive audit”
  • Auditor guide indicates which items are NEP

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