Fortify Findings

PHAGlobal® simplifies recording of findings and tracking of follow-up from PHAs. This software is designed to maximize performance and minimize effort.
What's New
  • Increased flexibility, intuitive interface
  • One-click, self-populating reports
  • Specialized prepackaged template packs
  • Multiple language support
Key Features Included
PHA methodologies include: HAZOPs, LOPAs, FMEAs, What-If and Checklist.
Multiple pre-populated checklists for dust hazard PHAs, in accordance with NFPA 654.
Fully adaptable for up to a 6x6 risk-ranking matrix, multiple risk rankings.
Auto-population of many sections.
Auto-generates action tracking sheets.
Security vulnerability analysis methodology.
Automatically renumbers scenarios when lines are added or deleted.
Pre-start up safety review included as checklist option.
Multiple language support (Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, and Mandarin, in addition to English).
Categorizes action items as pre-start up or post start-up.
 Use different templates and methodologies within a single PHA.
 Color-coding of study worksheet tabs based on methodology utilized.
 Contains default phrases to simplify recording.
 Simple Microsoft® Excel® based, yet very powerful tool.
 Centralize and manage PHAs for multiple facilities with Process Safety Enterprise®.

Prepackaged Template Packs Included

Easily select from prepackaged, best practice templates for different methodologies such HAZOP, LOPA, SVA, What-if, and Checklist.
 PHAGlobal Prepackaged Template Packs Included

Customize Prepackaged Templates

Easily add, move or remove columns to fit your needs. Save customized templates for later reuse.

 PHAGlobal Customize Prepackaged Templates

Components downloadable after purchase.

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