A visual tool for fault tree and SIS/SIL analysis

ioLogic™ makes it easy to visually create and edit fault trees for any purpose. ioLogic offers a what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) graphical user interface that instantly generates compact, pleasing new layouts whenever a user edits the tree.

ioLogic™ is a highly intuitive graphical interface that enables new users to begin drawing fault trees within minutes. Commands for pruning, cloning, and grafting simplify the creation and editing of individual symbols or entire branches.

ioLogic™ handles the labor-intensive drafting of the tree, allowing users to concentrate on critical logic issues. A full range of options makes it simple to customize the appearance and arrangement of fault trees.

ioLogic™ is the ideal choice for SIL analysis. You can perform and visualize SIL analysis using ioLogic's virtual templates and pre-programmed options.

ioLogic™ comes with a built-in failure rate database (optional).

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