Managing Combustible Dust

Course Overview

This course will take you from the first realization that you may have a combustible dust hazard through the steps necessary to reduce the risks and prevent the realization of that hazard, including engineering design and safeguards appropriate for typical unit operations.

This course will also demonstrate the techniques available for preventing dust explosions and protecting people and facilities in case a dust explosion occurs.

Who Should Attend

This course is ideally suited for process or design engineers who handle combustible dusts, safety professionals who need to understand the hazards present or professionals that are tasked with designing or modifying or systems that handle combustible dust hazards.

You Will Learn

  • How to analyze various conditions under which dust explosions can occur
  • How to compare the techniques to prevent dust explosions
  • How to apply suitable measures for protection of people and facilities from the effects of an explosion
  • The role of Codes and Standards in evaluating risks
  • How to choose methods to estimate dust hazard properties

Topics Covered

  • Overview of current codes and standards
  • ASTM
  • NFPA
  • OSHA
  • Expected Developments to codes and standards
  • Summary of Available Tests
  • Determining a Test Strategy
  • Interpreting Test Data Results
  • Application of the prescriptive standards
  • Application of performance-based standards including hazard assessment methodologies
  • Basics for deflagration vent sizing for low and high pressure application
  • Engineering design solutions for mitigation of combustible dust standards





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 Course Details 
Type: Classroom Course
Language: English
Skill Level: Basic
Duration: 1 Day
PDHs: 8
CEUs: 8