NFPA published a new standard on Combustible Dust – are you prepared?


Join our one day workshop and get up to date on NFPA 652 and what the latest changes mean for your and your facility.

During our workshop, we will help you understand NFPA 652 and how it provides basic principles and minimum requirements to manage fire, flash fire, and explosion hazards of combustible dusts.  We will compare and contrast NFPA 652 with the legacy NFPA standards—including NFPA 654, 61, 484 and 664.

If you handle combustible dusts, join this workshop to identify and instill approaches for meeting the requirements.  

Take a look at a few things we will cover:

  • The requirements of NFPA 652—in a nutshell
  • Comparing legacy standards with the new standard
  • Screening and characterization tests
  • The basic principles of managing fire, flash fire and explosion hazards of combustible dusts
  • Dust hazard analysis
  • Actions you can proactively take to protect your facility





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 Course Details 
Type: Workshop
Language: English
Skill Level: Basic
Duration: 1 Day
PDHs: 8
CEUs: 0.8