PHA and DHA Leader Training


Developed with the objective of understanding and learning the essentials of leading PHAs, ioMosaic’s Leader course uses the industry’s most popular methodologies such as HAZOP, What-If, Checklist, FMEA, etc. To further enhance your leader training we include dust hazards analysis (DHA) concepts and requirements.

During this course attendees will be provided with PHA/DHA Team Leader concepts, techniques for effective facilitation targeted at full team participation, cover PHA/DHA revalidations, as well as learn to identify and characterize dust hazards, application of applicable codes and standards, and much more.

Hands-on workshops are also included to experience real life PHA and DHA leadership activities.


  • Discuss process safety information requirements
  • Provide details for the key steps in a PHA/DHA process
  • Provide PHA/DHA leadership training utilizing HAZOP, What-if, and Checklist methodologies
  • Provide guidance and tools for conducting PHAs/DHAs
  • Present hierarchy for risk reduction including inherently safer technology
  • Proactive implementation using the What-if/Checklist and HAZOP methodologies
  • Understand PHA/DHA revalidation
  • Introduction to chemical reactivity hazards
  • Identifying and characterizing dust
  • Dust hazard codes and practices
  • Explosion prevention and protection methods

Who Should Attend

This training is ideally suited for professionals involved in project development, operations, and safety and risk management looking to become PHA leaders and who want to learn more about combustible dust safety as well as lead dust PHAs.





ioMosaic Training Institute Benefits

Top instructors with extensive industry, technical and litigation experience. Clear, practical recommendations on how to get and stay compliant.

 Course Details 
Type: Classroom Course
Language: English
Skill Level: Basic
Duration: 3.5 Days
PDHs: 28
CEUs: 2.8