Understanding PRV Stability – How to Identify and Manage High Risk Installations


This workshop will provide practical methods for the identification and evaluation of high risk relief systems installations where potential PRV instability requires evaluation by engineering analysis. The workshop will review the state of the art of developments in PRV stability and provide guidance and worked example on how to perform an engineering analysis where PRV instability requires evaluation. This workshop is facilitated and led by Dr. Georges A. Melhem who is well known for his contributions to relief systems and PRV stability evaluation methods. The workshop will include but is not limited to the following topics:

  • Historical data
  • How to identify high risk installations
  • Screening methods for PRV stability
  • Detailed methods for PRV stability
  • The importance of speed of sound estimates
  • Vapor systems case study
  • Liquid systems case study
  • Two-phase systems case study

Who Should Attend 

Process engineers and process safety engineers are encouraged to attend.





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 Course Details 
Type: Workshop
Language: English
Skill Level: Basic
Duration: 1 Day
PDHs: 8
CEUs: 0.8