New PHAGlobal® Features Webinar

New PHAGlobal® Features

Constant change is the new normal in today's workplaces. Can your team get up and running quickly with your software for conducting PHAs? Join us for a complimentary 30 minute webinar on Thursday, May 19, 2022 at 9:00 am CT and see the new features of PHAGlobal®, the PHA/DHA documentation software from ioMosaic that makes compliance easy.

The newly designed PHAGlobal® is now available. *All attendees will receive a 20% discount on first year pricing.

Feature Highlights

PHAGlobal® has been optimized with improved performance, greater flexibility, simplified installation, and hassle-free customization tools:

  • Legacy Software Compatible 
    Automatically converts existing projects from older formats 
  • Customizable Templates 
    Users can customize templates before adding nodes 
  • Third-Party Conversion 
    Users can easily convert/export data from other PHA software  
  • Reporting Export Features 
    Users can export to Excel or Word and retain worksheet formatting
  • And more!

It is critical to identify flaws in the design of facilities and processes that may result in chemical releases, fires, or explosions. In 30 minutes, see why PHAGlobal® is the most useful and cost effective PHA/DHA tool available on the market.

Restrictions may apply.

Our Presenters

  • Kamel Balquis

    Software Team Lead

    He has over 17 years of software development experience and information management experience and helps oversee the development and advancement of Process Safety Office® applications. Read more...

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Training Benefits

Top instructors with extensive global, industry, technical and litigation experience. You will receive clear, practical and real world recommendations on how to get and stay compliant with local and worldwide regulations.