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Training Center
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  Applied QRA and Facility Siting Using SuperChems (Houston, TX)
  Ammonia Refrigeration PHA Leader Training Workshop (Houston, TX)
  Auditing Pressure Relief and Flare System Design (Houston, TX)
  Chemical Reactivity Hazards (Houston, TX)
  Consequence Analysis Modeling (Salem, NH)
  Combustible Dust PHA Leader Workshop (Houston, TX)
  Deflagration Vent Sizing (Salem, NH)
  Facility Siting Workshop (Houston, TX)
  Fault Tree Analysis/SIL Evaluation (Houston, TX)
  Managing LNG Risks (Houston, TX)
  Practical Pressure Relief and Flare System Design (Houston, TX)
  Process Hazard Analysis Leader Training (Houston, TX)
  Quantitative Risk Analysis(QRA)(Houston, TX)
  Global Software User Group Meeting (Houston, TX)
  SuperChems Hands-On Training (Houston ,TX)
  SuperChems for Beginners (Houston ,TX)
  Understanding Combustible Dust Good Engineering Practices (Salem, NH)