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Training Center

Software Strategies: The Series

Webinars(2013 Fall Schedule)


Software Strategies: The Series will consist of one-hour, monthly webinars discussing practical “how-to’s” for our most popular software: SuperChems™, ioXpress™ and HAZOPtimizer™.

  • How to Set-up and Conduct Quantitative Risk Analysis Using SuperChems
  • Managing Major Projects With ioXpress
  • Develop Customized PHA Checklists Quickly and Easily Using HAZOPtimizer
  • How to Improve Efficiency of Low-Pressure Dynamic Simulations Using SuperChems
  • Using ioXpress for Timecard, Expense Report and Project Management 
  • How to Accurately Model Condensation in the Relief Piping Simulations


This webinar series is ideal for users who choose to advance their knowledge of software strategies within these programs.



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