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Deflagration Vent Sizing for Combustible Dust

March 5, 2014 (Salem, NH)


NFPA-68-2007, “Standard on Explosion Protection by Deflagration Venting” is the standard to use for designing explosion (deflagration) vents of enclosures or buildings where combustible dusts are handled or processed. This course will cover how to size deflagration vents to meet these requirements. Application limitations and sizing requirements, including input parameters, for deflagration vents (high-pressure and low-pressure enclosures) will be explained. As a short addition, instruction will be provided for completing the calculations using our proprietary software—SuperChems™, which incorporates the NFPA 68 short-cut methods, as well as methods applicable to high pressure enclosures.


  • Introduction to basic calculations (for dusts and hybrid mixtures)
  • Obtaining correct enclosure volume
  • Understanding input parameters to complete venting calculations
  • Venting options for dust collectors
  • Flameless venting option
  • Accounting for vent ducts
  • Dynamic modeling using SuperChems™


This course is ideally suited for safety professionals, process or design engineers that are tasked with conducting deflagration vent sizing for combustible dusts.


$595 (Discount applied if taken with Understanding Combustible Dust Good Engineering Practices)

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