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2020 DIERS Elections

Elections for Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and the five Operating Committee positions were held December 2020 for positions filled in January 2021. The duties of the positions are briefly outlined below. These positions will hold a three year tenure period from January 2021 through December 2023.

 Current Chairpersons

Chair Harold G.Fisher
Vice Chair Georges A. Melhem
Secretary/Membership Chair Marc E. Levin
Meetings Arrangement Chair Wayne Chastain
Outreach Chair John Hauser
Program Chair Ben Doup
Projects Chair Passa Piland
Staff Liaison Anil Gokhale

 Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary

The Chair of DIERS shall provide overall leadership of the activities of DIERS and will also chair the Operating Committee. The Chair shall have responsibility for issuing technical meeting announcements. The Vice Chair shall act in the absence of the Chair. The Chair shall report directly to the Managing Board.

The Chair and Vice Chair, who shall be Senior Members or Fellows of AIChE and have broad recognition among AIChE members in two-phase relief system design, shall be elected by the DIERS membership for a three year term and be approved by the President of AIChE in concert with the AIChE Executive Director. The Chair may be elected to a maximum of three consecutive three year terms.

The Secretary of DIERS shall have the responsibility of issuing technical minutes of DIERS meetings and minutes of the Operating Committee Meetings. Additional duties include Membership Solicitations, Member Computer Access, Website Posting, and Maintenance of the DIERS Publications Library.

 Operating Committee

The Operating Committee shall organize and lead the overall activities of DIERS under leadership of the DIERS Chair and Vice-Chair. These activities should be determined through an annual planning process with budgets approved by the Managing Board.

The Operating Committee shall be comprised of no fewer than seven committee members and not more than eleven, including:

  • Past Chair, who assumes office upon completing a term as Chair
  • Chair, who is elected by the membership
  • Vice Chair and Secretary, who are elected by the membership
  • DIERS Staff Director, and
  • At least three and up to seven at-large committee members who are members of DIERS.

All members of the Operating Committee shall be Senior Members or Fellows of AIChE, except that up to two DIERS members who are members in good standing of another national engineering organization of rank equivalent to AIChE Senior Member or Fellow may be elected as at-large members of the Operating Committee. In the event that a current Chair is re-elected to a consecutive term, the current Past Chair will remain as Past Chair.

Election of the Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and at-large Operating Committee members shall occur every three years. Election procedures shall follow standard procedure for AIChE Divisions, Forums, and Technical Entities.

 DIERS Operating Committee Duties and Responsibilities
  • Past Chair
  • Chair - Plan, Lead, Organize, and Control (Accountable)
  • Vice-Chair - Act in the absence of the Chair
  • Secretary - Issue technical minutes of DIERS meetings
  • AIChE Staff Director - Duties in DIERS By-laws
  • Meeting Arrangements Chair - Venue Selection, Meeting Dates, Meeting Notices, Registration, Attendance, Location, & Hotel Contract / Catering
  • Program Chair - Call for and Selection of Speakers, Preparation of Meeting Agenda, and Industrial Visits (during meetings)
  • Finance Chair - Raise DIERS Funds (Corporate Sponsors / Institution Sponsors / Donations); Prepare, Monitor, and Maintain Budgets
  • Technology Projects Chair - Self-help and Company and Institutional Funded Projects
  • Outreach Chair - - AIChE DIERS Training Courses, Education (e.g., SACHE), External Conference (e.g., CCPS Global Congress) Organization, Recognition, Globalization, and Service Activities
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