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Emergency Relief Systems Design Using DIERS Technology - The DIERS Project Manual DPM Errata - UPDATED 6/06
Guidelines for Pressure Relief and Effluent Handling Systems (1998) Guidelines - UPDATED 6/27
International Symposium on Runaway Reactions, Pressure Relief Design and Effluent Handling (1998) International Symposium Errata - UPDATED 6/06
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SuperChems For DIERS
Program And Documentation

        Publish Date: July 2002
        One Time License Acquisition
        Fee: $12,500  
        Annual License / Maintenance
        ISBN No: 0-8169-0719-6
        Pub No: B-6

Special Details: Please note that AIChE member discounts cannot be offered for this product.

Computer requirements: At least 1 GHz PC and 128 MB RAM. Software: Windows NT, 2000, XP.

Call: Scott Berger at AIChE:
or Karen E. Person at AIChE:

SuperChems for DIERS is an advanced software tool for pressure relief design. This new program replaces the SAFIRE computer program and incorporates the latest DIERS pressure relief design techniques and research findings.
SuperChems for DIERS contains many productivity tools for engineers responsible for pressure relief design. Multiphase, reacting, and highly non-ideal systems can easily be modeled using SuperChems. Dynamic vessel simulations involving two-phase or all vapor flow can be performed in either design mode or rating mode. Complex arrangements of relief lines including multiple segments for inlet and outlet lines with relief valves and/or rupture disks can be rated for single phase or two-phase flow. SuperChems contains a large database of more than 1,200 industrial chemicals. SuperChems uses a spreadsheet-based interface for inputs and reporting results and users can work with their choice of units.
Licensees will be required to execute the following agreements to acquire SuperChems for DIERS:

  • SuperChemsfor DIERS Policies and Information
  • SuperChemsfor DIERS License Agreement
  • Annual License / Maintenance Subscription Program
  • Agreement for SuperChemsfor DIERS

Emergency Relief System
Design Using DIERS Technology

          Special Details: 
DIERS Project Manual.
          Publish Date: 1992
          Price: $170
          ISBN No: 0-8169-0568-1
          Pub No: X-123

Web: www.wiley.com

OSHA (29 CFR 1910.119) has recognized AIChE / DIERS two-phase flow publications as examples of "good engineering practice" for process safety management of highly hazardous materials. The prediction of when two-phase flow venting will occur, and the applicability of various sizing methods for two-phase vapor-liquid flashing flow is of particular interest when designing emergency relief systems to handle runaway reactions. This comprehensive sourcebook brings together a wealth of information on methods that can be used to safely size emergency relief systems for two-phase vapor-liquid flow for flashing or frozen, viscous or non-viscous fluids. Design methodologies are illustrated by selected sample problems. Written by industrial experts in the safety field, this book will be invaluable to those charged with operating, designing, or managing today's and tomorrow's chemical process industry facilities.

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