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SuperChems™ for DIERS
A Comprehensive Tool For Pressure Relief Design

SuperChems™ for DIERS is a sophisticated technological tool for process safety, exclusively available for license from AIChE. This powerful tool can be used for simple and complex flow dynamics, pressure relief systems and containment vent design, and VLE/VLLE analysis. It is available to AIChE, CCPS, and DIERS members.

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To request a demonstration or inquire about making a purchase, please email diersweb@iomosaic.com

SuperChems™ for DIERS Lite

This basic software is a simplistic, cost effective version within the family of SuperChems™ programs. This version is perfect for the user looking for an easier set up that can be applied in situations where understanding the dynamic behavior of pressure relief is unnecessary. To make a purchase, please visit John Wiley & Sons, Inc.


SuperChems™ for DIERS provides capabilities to handle multicomponent reaction kinetics, emergency pressure relief design, and selective vapor-liquid equilibrium calculations. The DIERS edition has been selected by the AIChE DIERS as the standard tool for designing emergency relief systems.
SuperChems™ for DIERS is available and can only be ordered through AIChE.

Software Documentation

SuperChems™ provides online help instead of a separate user’s manual. The online help includes various documents including how-to notes, which provide an overview of the software as well as comments on specific functionality and capabilities of the software. Users can access help through the table of contents or search for specific features and functions through the help index.
A technical reference manual is also available online in Acrobat PDF format. Users may search for all technical references and topics through the SuperChems™ online help, which provides direct links to the technical reference manual.

Technical Support and Maintenance

As a service to DIERS, technical support for licensees is offered through ioMosaic. Please review the Annual License and Maintenance subscription program document for the description of the type and extent of the support provided.
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