​Protecting Your People, Plant, Stakeholder Value, and Our Planet

ioMosaic focuses on helping you manage and reduce episodic risk, maintain compliance and prevent catastrophic incidents, because when safety, efficiency and compliance are improved, you can sleep better at night.

Through innovation and a dedication to continual improvement, ioMosaic has become a leading international provider of integrated process safety and risk management solutions to oil, gas and petrochemical companies worldwide.

We have over 40 years of combined industry expertise in a wide variety of areas, including pressure relief systems design, process safety management, expert litigation support, laboratory services, training and software development. This breadth of experience allows us the flexibility to work with you to meet your specific requirements.

Your company is unique and so are your process safety and risk management needs. So we'll partner with you and get to know your business before we determine which pieces of the big picture you need to improve safety and efficiency and maintain compliance. Then we'll do whatever it takes to provide a solution that will not only get your business be more productive, but also provide you assurance that your bases are covered.