Specialized Testing

Extending beyond basic safety testing, our testing services stretch to the complex.

Helping our clients address the unique challenges faced by the chemical, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, agricultural, biotechnical, explosives, food and beverage, lumber and sawmill facilities industries. We can tailor our testing to meet your specific needs.

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For assessing the sensitivity of a new composition to relatively intense impact.

Used to verify the magnitude of the hazard in commercial scale systems.

For performance and safety concerns, such as capacity fade, overheating, release of toxic gases and even fire.

Our team has decades of experience in handling specialty sample preparation.

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Explosion Severity Test Demo

Take a look at one test, part of a series of tests which ioKinetic conducts to better understand how much pressure might be generated during an explosion in an industrial setting. Presented by Michelle Murphy, Partner at ioKinetic.

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Featured Services

Combustible Dust Testing

Experienced in conducting thermal analysis and combustible dust characterization testing to determine if dusts such as metal, coal, organic, plastic, wood, textile or others are combustible or explosible. Read more...

Chemical Reactivity Testing

Providing the data needed to meet process safety management (PSM) regulatory requirements, such as process limits, fine-tune process specifications and complete emergency relief system (ERS) design. Read more...

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