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Software Products

Process Safety Enterprise® (PSE) Suite of Tools

Centralize your PSM data and corporate information (such as engineering drawings, emails, spreadsheets, presentations, and more) into one secure platform.


Process Safety Office® (PSO) Suite of Tools

A suite of application tools for conducting consequence analysis, risk analysis, facility siting study, pressure relief and flare systems design, PHAs, DHAs, compliance audits, and more.


PSO SuperChems™

A platform that integrates consequence analysis, quantitative risk analysis, facility siting, and pressure relief, and flare systems evaluation and design.


PSO PHAGlobal®

Tool for performing process hazard analysis (PHA) and LOPA studies.


PSO ioAuditor™

Tool for performing compliance audits based on OSHA PSM/RMP, CCPS RBPS audit protocols, corporate protocols, and ISO compliance audits.


PSO ioLogic™

Tool for constructing fault trees and performing SIL/SIS analysis.


PSO ioViper™

Tool for evaluating vibration-induced fatigue in process and relief piping.


PSO ioVu™

Tool for constructing visual piping isometrics.


PSO ioSecure®

A security and vulnerability assessment tool.