Our Approach

A proper process safety management (PSM) system can help you comply with local, state and federal PSM regulations. A proactive approach, coupled with properly planned and implemented PSM programs, can help minimize loss of life, environmental impact, equipment damage, citations and litigation.

The key to implementation of effective process safety and risk management systems is to develop a common framework that includes local regulatory requirements, corporate standards and recognized and generally accepted good engineering practices (RAGAGEPs).

ioMosaic has become a leading international provider of integrated process safety and risk management solutions to oil, gas and petrochemical companies worldwide. Our professionals have decades of experience working with PSM systems, which means you will have unrivaled efficiency and expertise at your disposal.

We are at the forefront of PSM proficiency, having worked with numerous industry groups and companies to develop safety and risk management systems, guidelines, standards and audit protocols. We can help you comply with internal company standards and global industry standards such as CCPS, ACC, API and other RAGAGEPs, OSHA’s PSM Standard, and EPA’s RMP Rule.

Process Safety Management Tools

ioMosaic is the only worldwide provider of an integrated, evergreen process safety software system covering both client and data needs.

Process Safety Enterprise® delivers environmental, health, safety, and security professionals a centralized, secure, web-based platform for managing the complete lifecycle of critical Process Safety Management (PSM) compliance data and engineering data.

Process Safety Office® delivers to process safety and risk professionals an integrated suite of tools for process hazard assessment (PHA), auditing, consequence analysis, risk analysis, facility siting, and pressure relief and flare systems evaluation and design.

Process Safety Management Training

ioMosaic offers a wide spectrum of safety, technology, and risk management training delivered in-person, virtually, online or in combined formats to help clients develop and implement cost-effective best practices in safety, technology and risk management. Participants will receive CEU or PDH continuing education credits. Take a look at our process safety course catalog.

A Global Reach

ioMosaic understands the safety and risk processes that are required or followed around the world, and deliver practical, locally compliant solutions to our clients' safety and risk concerns. Call us today at 1.844.ioMosaic or send us a note. We'd love to hear from you.

How We Can Help You

ioMosaic pioneered many of the current risk assessment techniques for processes that handle hazardous chemicals.

Our experts support every aspect to ensure that your facility runs safely and efficiently.

Expertise to help you minimize your exposure to fire, injury, property damage, and litigation.

Integrating best practices with cost-effective solutions to address program deficiencies.

Helping manage risk with facility siting studies, assessments and recommendations.

Senior knowledgeable engineers facilitate PHAs or DHAs in nearly all sectors of the process and processing industries.

Decades of experience leading incident investigations for process industry companies.

We prepare expert opinion reports and provide expert testimony for process incident cases.

Experienced engineers who have performed LOPAs on a wide range of facilities and terminals.

Our experts are at the forefront of pipeline Process Safety Management proficiency.

Offering a comprehensive range of safety, technology and risk management training.

Proven track record of performing QRAs for facilities, pipelines and transportation routes.

Well versed in assisting global companies with their sustainability reporting communications.

Decades of experience mitigating hazards for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.