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Numerous incidents in recent years have been attributed to the flawed integrity of process equipment. Is your program up-to-date, compliant, and efficient? Process Safety Enterprise (PSE) makes it easy to identify and address deficiencies, streamline workflows, and equipment forms to ensure an effective Asset / Mechanical Integrity program. Contact us to learn how PSE can help you optimize process safety at your facility.

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Module Advantages

Streamlines and Simplifies

Designed to streamline and simplify the entire life cycle phrases of an Asset Integrity / Mechanical Integrity program by centralizing equipment data, managing inspection tasks, and identifying deficiencies. Workflows track inspection of equipment during construction and installation, schedule and track asset integrity inspections for operations and life extension as well as track and help correct equipment deficiencies.

Enhances Facility Safety

This module specifically addresses the RAGAGEP MAZE to enhance facility safety by automatically selecting and suggesting applicable RAGAGEP inspection tasks and frequency for each piece of equipment added to the AI program. The Asset Integrity module in PSE facilitates linking reports and backup documentation to the equipment forms and all equipment specific information is accessible from a single electronic form.


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Simplify PSM Compliance

Process Safety Enterprise® Can Help

Process Safety Enterprise® is a comprehensive process safety management lifecycle platform designed to streamline and store data, documents, and workflows across multiple facilities using one platform. Environmental Health and Safety professionals can use Process Safety Enterprise® to manage all aspects of PSM for both compliance and risk reduction.

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Mechanical Integrity Considerations in LNG Depressurization

A Sensitivity Analysis

In a typical LNG installation, a rapid depressurization can cause cryogenic temperatures in both upstream and downstream connected process equipment and piping. This phenomenon, sometimes referred to as auto-refrigeration, can compromise the equipment’s mechanical integrity and pose a risk of material embrittlement.

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Are You Struggling With Your Asset Integrity Program?

Can your team adequately address equipment deficiencies?

This complimentary webinar presented by Neil Prophet examines OSHA’s top cited asset integrity violations and provides insight into ways to develop an effective AI program that will keep your facility in compliance every day. You will learn why asset integrity matters and practical solutions have never been more important to withstand the unpredictability – like a pandemic.

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