Process Safety Project Opportunity Marketplace (PSPOM™)

Where process safety experts and project opportunities come together.

For Experts

PSPOM links registered process safety experts with short or long-term opportunities around the globe with some of the largest companies in the world. By partnering with ioMosaic, you will get to interact with our experienced team and also gain access to our growing library of white papers, publications, and videos.

  • We identify and evaluate client opportunities 
  • We manage the proposals and billing processes, leaving you more time for billable work
  • We have invested in accreditation to ensure quality, allowing you to benefit from our ISO certification
  • We offer opportunities delivering the broad range of process safety services ioMosaic is recognized for with companies both in the U.S. and abroad
  • And more...

For Companies

PSPOM links registered companies with certified process safety experts quickly so you can accelerate project completion.

  • Service providers meet both ISO quality standards and ioMosaic's own professional standards of work
  • All billing, contracts, and PO’s will be between you and ioMosaic without needing to register a new vendor
  • Companies are assured of quality and availability on a wide variety of service needs

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