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What if it was your job to make the world a safer place? At ioMosaic, it is.

At ioMosaic, we reduce risk, improve efficiency and maintain compliance for some of the largest energy and process firms across the globe. Find a rewarding career in engineering, technology or management at ioMosaic. Join us. It’s time to save the world.

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How We Help Our Clients

Reducing costs and increasing accuracy in the design or revalidation of relief systems.

Information management solutions and application development services that bridge the gap between compliance and technology.

Reliable, efficient and affordable test plan development, testing and analysis.

Managing the risks of onshore and offshore LNG facilities via a thorough understanding of the design and key issues associated with LNG.

Developing optimum safety and risk management systems, guidelines and standards, and audit protocols worldwide.

Offering you a wide spectrum of safety, technology and risk management training.

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What Comes to Mind When I Think About Process Safety

Process Safety Is A Way of Life

Once you get into process safety, you realize that it is really a way of life. You also realize that you have become a disciple of the “Power of Negative Thinking” mantra. We are always trying to prevent bad things from happening and to learn from incidents.

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Meet Our Executive Team

Georges A. Melhem, Ph.D., FAIChE

President & CEO The founder of ioMosaic and internationally renowned expert in the areas of pressure relief and flare systems design, chemical reaction systems, process safety and risk analysis. Read more...

Daniel Nguyen, PE & PMP

Senior Vice President and Partner Responsible for a team of software engineers in the development of ioMosaic’s PSO software and manages pressure relief and flare systems evaluation and design projects. Read more...

Neil Prophet

Senior Vice President and Partner Pressure relief and flare systems design project management and engineering expertise for chemical, pharmaceutical and petrochemical companies. Read more...

Larry Thomas

Executive Vice President Responsible for leading the sales and business development efforts to ensure alignment between sales, product quality, and successful client delivery and relations. Read more...

Lisa Ruth, CPSM

Vice President A passionate, experienced operations leader focused on enhancing and maximizing value in all aspects of company day to day business operations. Read more...

Meet Our Project Leaders

Sam Al-Awar

Vice President The head of our international office in the Kingdom of Bahrain with 30 years of experience excelling in client satisfaction and overall operations. Read more...

John Barker, Ph.D.

Director The Director of our U.K. office and an expert in risk management for the international oil and gas and transportation industries. Read more...

Katherine Anderson, CCPSC

Senior Principal Consultant Experienced project leader in hazard identification, evaluation, functional safety, process safety and risk management. Read more...

Marcel Amorós-Martí

Director, California Office Lead His expertise includes pressure relief and flare systems design for large chemical and petrochemical companies around the globe and in the United States. Read more...

Tao Yao

Vice President and Partner Hands-on software development manager with technical experience planning, developing, and delivering enterprise solutions. Read more...

Charles Lea, P.E.

Director, Minneapolis Office Lead He directs a number of large technical projects across multiple offices and is also responsible for all project management in our Minneapolis office. Read more...

Enio Kumpinsky, Ph.D.

Principal Consultant Senior authority with over 35 years of diversified experience in process safety in the chemical manufacturing industry. Read more...

Justin Phillips, PE

Senior Director Responsible for emergency relief system design services with expertise in supporting oil & gas, refining, and chemical process sectors. Read more...

What Our Employees Say

“I like our CEO’s passion for the company and its employees. His commitment and dedication to growing the company is infectious and drives everyone to do a good job. I love the brilliance of the employees collectively. The environment is very invigorating. Everyone is driven to do a good job and they are always looking to learn and do more. Very inspiring!”

“I like the atmosphere and culture here. ioMosaic is a fast-growing company, for me, it means more challenges and opportunities. I like to learn new stuff.”

“I was surprised by how much the company does service-wise. We offer design and consulting services, we host training, we develop software, and we have a dedicated software team on staff who stay cutting-edge. I also like the freedom to provide creative ideas.”

“I like the benefits package.  It is nice having 100% of health benefits paid by the company.”

“I was surprised by the flexible nature of the management style.  We are all trusted to make sure we get the work done.”

“What surprised me most about ioMosaic was the small company feel. Knowing all employees and being able to contact anyone at any level so easily was surprising.”

“I like how fast the company is growing.”

“I was surprised about how laid back the office culture is.”

“I was surprised by how much new hires can take on when first coming to work here.  Management shows a real faith in their employees. Bright, ambitious, proactive people are recognized and rewarded for helping grow and build the company. I have never experienced employees at all levels be able to really impact a company’s direction as they do here.”

“I like how relaxed the office is and the lack of corporate feel or micromanagement. It is a very comfortable environment.”

“I like the openness and availability of the employees. I feel comfortable asking anyone in the office a question.”

“There is a lot of individual project work to do but everybody is available for help and guidance if needed. I was surprised by the helpfulness of co-workers.”

“Everyone here works as a team and is willing to help out with questions. Everyone has a very positive attitude and shares new things learned. Everyone is also hard working.”

“It surprised me how very open and welcoming the company is to new hires. Everyone at ioMosaic is ready and willing to answer any questions; everyone gets along well and does their best to work together.”

“Whenever I talked about work to friends and family, I always mention how brilliant people are here.”