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The 2015 European Union process safety standards for the chemical and petrochemical industries changed expectations.

Compliance is now more time-consuming and more complicated. It means more frequent inspections of facilities. It also means providing detailed reporting, kept up to date, and provided in electronic format. The ioMosaic team has the experience to determine the correct level of detail required, find what gaps exist, and how to optimize your Process Safety Management program. Contact us today for a conversation with experts on risk assessment and management.

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Reducing costs and increasing accuracy in the design or revalidation of relief systems.

Information management solutions and application development services that bridge the gap between compliance and technology.

Reliable, efficient and affordable test plan development, testing and analysis.

Managing the risks of onshore and offshore LNG facilities via a thorough understanding of the design and key issues associated with LNG.

Developing optimum safety and risk management systems, guidelines and standards, and audit protocols worldwide.

Offering you a wide spectrum of safety, technology and risk management training.

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PSM Frequently Asked Questions

Does your facility need a PSM program? Is your PSM program effectively implemented?

If your facility uses, stores, manufactures, handles, or moves flammable or highly hazardous chemicals on site above the threshold quantity (TQ), OSHA does require PSM implementation. Learn the facts about process safety management.

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Our Team

Georges A. Melhem, Ph.D., FAIChE

President & CEO The founder of ioMosaic and internationally renowned expert in the areas of pressure relief and flare systems design, chemical reaction systems, process safety and risk analysis. Read more...

John Barker, Ph.D.

Director The Director of our U.K. office and an expert in risk management for the international oil and gas and transportation industries. Read more...

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Process Hazard Analysis

Senior knowledgeable process safety engineers prepare, organize, lead and document PHAs remotely or onsite. Read more...

Quantitative Risk Assessment

Proven track record of performing QRAs for refineries, chemical plants, LNG facilities, pipelines and transportation routes. Read more...