Pressure Relief and Flare System Design

Pressure relief and flare system (PRFS) design is a keystone in achieving process safety. Effective PRFS design helps companies meet risk management goals, compliance requirements and sound business practices. OSHA PSM Rule (29 CFR 1910.119) requires companies to compile information involving the design and design basis of relief systems.

ioMosaic’s risk-based approach helps companies mitigate near-unventable scenarios to a tolerable level of risk and develop economical designs for more credible events. ioMosaic can help you feel confident in your process safety decisions. Come to us for:

  • Process safety information for pressure relief
  • Structural dynamics
  • Process simulation studies
  • Codified design basis determination
  • Integrated effluent handling
  • Pressure relief device design computation
  • Benchmark calorimetry

Our reactivity screening and data testing experts can handle your most difficult PRFS situations. We have the expertise to safeguard against error and provide integrated solutions.

ioMosaic Training

We offer courses in pressure relief design and related topics such as Pressure Relief and Flare System Design and Auditing Pressure Relief and Flare System Design. Our courses are prepared and led by ioMosaic senior staff and invited industry experts, well known for the depth of their experience and their strong academic and operating backgrounds. View our training catalog for our current offering of safety, technology and risk management training, delivered in-person, virtually, or online.

ioMosaic PRFS Design Tools

Learn more about Process Safety Office® SuperChems™, the only platform that integrates pressure relief design, chemical reactivity assessment and management, consequence analysis and quantitative risk assessment. Combine with Process Safety Enterprise® for a complete pressure relief system data lifecycle management solution.

We Can Help

ioMosaic understands the safety and risk processes that are required or followed around the world, and deliver practical, locally compliant solutions to our clients' safety and risk concerns. Call us today at 1.844.ioMosaic or send us a note. We'd love to answer your questions.

How We Can Help You

Better evaluate hazards in your facility with an accurate process simulation.

Delivering properly designed pressure relief systems that save both money and time.

Our risk-based approach helps mitigate near-unventable scenarios to a tolerable level of risk.

Our team has decades of experience performing PRFS analysis and design.