Chemical Manufacturer Shares the Benefits of PSE

Drive Efficiency and Increase Safety

After years of storing and maintaining paper trails of Management of Change (MOC) orders, a chemical manufacturing firm faced the reality that nearly twenty percent of this paperwork was somehow lost or misplaced. Hear how Process Safety Enterprise not only greatly improved efficiency but also created transparency at all organizational levels.

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Module Advantages

Workflow Management

A comprehensive workflow that guides the user through a step-by-step process for standard MOC functions such as MOC initiation, approval, PHA revalidation, pre-startup safety review (PSSR), start-up authorization, etc.

Comprehensive Functionality

Built-in features include automatic assignment of approvals, automatically generated action items, import and track activities outside of the workflow, allows for continuous PHA revalidation, and automated email notifications.


What Our Clients Say

“The folks at ioMosaic are always pleasant to work with and take care of our requests quickly.”
“I appreciated the quick turn around on requests for changes made during the testing phase for three new PSE modules we wanted.”
“We recently added three new modules to PSE to replace paper processes for Personnel MOCs, New Chemical Approval, and Variances) in the plant. It will now be so much easier to use these three new modules instead of trying to keep track of paper copies.”
“Customer service is excellent! Working with Tao to help solve problems and teach me how to use the system to it's fullest has been a wonderful experience.”
“The customizable aspect of PSE program makes it easy to have multiple risk assessments/approvals at the beginning of the MOC lifecycle.”
“PSE has made auditing the MOC system much faster. Since it is customizable, it also makes it a lot easier to meet our needs and comply with OSHA PSM. It makes the MOC approval process so much faster than paper.”
“Before PSE, our MOC communication was a lot slower and much more cumbersome with a paper system.”
“We chose PSE as cost was a factor; it was less than some of the other options we reviewed. Also, the ability to format the workflows to incorporate our existing procedures and practices met the needs of our facility PSM program.”
“The new cloud-based hosting service from ioMosaic has improved our overall operating speed as well as provided a much quicker response. Prior to cloud-based service, our IT staff had to take time to coordinate updates.”
“We have no other providers who respond and resolve issues as quickly as the team supporting our PSE system. The support is second to none and is greatly appreciated.”
“Prior to utilizing PSE we had a manual paper process for our MOCs and PSSRs. This required a significant amount of time for routing and walking paperwork around. The ability to streamline MOC and PSSR forms electronically significantly reduced our workload.”

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Effectively Manage Changes to Processes, Chemicals, Equipment, and Personnel Using Process Safety Enterprise®

Effective Management of Change (MOC) systems help companies identify and mitigate risks, avoid accidents and incidents, and stay compliant with regulations. Read this paper for a look at the key aspects of an effective MOC workflow and ways companies can improve and elevate their change process while also mitigating future incidents.

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PSE Management of Change Workflow

Drive Efficiency and Increase Safety

Many organizations struggle to address Management of Change (MOC) compliance. We can help. Watch this video for a short demo of the well-defined workflow, documentation, and information management capabilities of PSE. Companies can now achieve the holy grail of PSM, continuous PHA revalidation, driving costs down and increasing safety for you.

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