2017 Qatar Process Safety Symposium

ioMosaic Consultant Presenting at Symposium

When: April 10-11, 2017
Where: Hilton Doha Hotel, Qatar

The 2017 edition of the Qatar Process Safety Symposium (QPSS) will be the crossroads for process safety in Qatar where experts come to discuss process safety's hottest topics, incident case studies, best practices, new legislative regimes and recent advances in research on process safety. This is a free event and an excellent networking opportunity for delegates from industry, regulatory institutions and academia. Register for this event at qpss.qatar.tamu.edu/

Author in attendance

Michael McDowell

Michael McDowell
Safety and Risk Management Consultant, ioMosaic Corp

Author of Risk-based Design and Evaluation of Pressure Relief and Flare Systems.

Recent updates to pressure relief system design Recognized and Generally Accepted Good Engineering Practice (RAGAGEP) include provision for risk based overpressure protection. Although risk based approaches are not new, the recent RAGAGEP provides additional guidance and criteria. This study presents a practical risk based approach to pressure relief and effluent handling system design and a supporting case study that results in safe and cost effective design.

Risk based pressure relief and effluent handling system design begins with identification of overpressure scenarios. The foundation of the risk based approach leverages existing Process Hazard Analysis techniques (PHAs) and risk tolerability criteria already implemented at Process Safety Management (PSM) covered facilities. Integrating the pressure relief system design into existing PSM practices reduces the effort and cost of developing and maintaining relief system design basis documentation and focuses the designers’ intent on improving plant safety. Additionally using a risk based approach to relief system design will allow for more time to be spent on categories that have typically required more attention and are often overlooked when evaluating these systems, but are now becoming essential to evaluate to ensure compliance with RAGAGEP. This risk based approach to pressure relief system design ensures adequate overpressure protection systems and sound investment in human and capital resources focused on risk reduction.

Mr. McDowell is a Safety and Risk Management Consultant currently working in ioMosaic’s Bahrain facility. Michael is focused on pressure relief and flare relief system design and analysis for large chemical and petrochemical companies both in the United States and Middle East. His experience includes process safety research, program development, and project management with focused expertise on emergency relief systems design, construction and facility siting, LNG safety research. Michael engages every project using his knowledge of PRFS codes and generally accepted good engineering practices (RAGAGEP) to help develop project guideline for PRFS projects. Michael received his Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from Texas A&M University at Qatar.

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