BP Landmark Case

Landmark Decision for BP Regarding the 3% Rule for Pressure Relief Valve Inlet Pressure Drop Results in a "Big Win" for Industry.

Houston, Texas – August 6, 2013

ioMosaic’s CEO, Dr. Georges A. Melhem was one of a select few providing expert testimony in a recently decided case between BP Products North America and OSHA, which alleged willful violations of various subsections of 29C.F.R. § 1910.119, the Process Safety Management (PSM) standard. Dr. Melhem provided expert testimony on behalf of BP contesting several citations related to pressure relief design, design practices, and recognized and generally accepted good engineering practices (RAGAGEP).

BP’s win is a "big win" for industry as it affirms companies have discretion in how they elect to comply with performance based standards such as Process Safety Management (PSM). More importantly, it affirms that substantial efforts that would have been required across the board to modify existing relief systems that had inlet pressure drop in excess of 3%, can now be focused more prudently on only those installations where modifications will actually reduce risk.

Through innovation and dedication for continual improvement, ioMosaic has become a leading provider of integrated process safety and risk management solutions. ioMosaic has expertise in a wide variety of areas, including pressure relief systems design, process safety management, expert litigation support, laboratory services, training, and software development.

ioMosaic is an integrated process safety and risk management consulting firm focused on helping you manage and reduce episodic risk. Because when safety, efficiency, and compliance are improved, you can sleep better at night. Our over 40 years of industry expertise allow us the flexibility, resources and capabilities to determine what you need to reduce and manage episodic risk, maintain compliance and prevent injuries and catastrophic incidents.

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