5 Things to Ensure Compliance and Efficiency with Your Mechanical Integrity Program Webinar

AIChE Academy Webinar Presented by ioMosaic

Attendance to this webinar is free.

In this 60-minute ioMosaic sponsored webinar you will learn 5 ways to ensure compliance and efficiency with your mechanical integrity program.

  • Explore mechanical integrity and how a programmed implementation of activities can ensure that critical equipment will be suitable throughout the life of the process
  • Learn the key components of a good mechanical integrity program and how to select critical equipment and instruments
  • Examine the OSHA PSM Mechanical Integrity requirements and learn the most important implementation and management tools
  • Look at electronic mechanical integrity tools and how they can support more efficient program management



Our Presenter

Elena Prats
Partner, ioMosaic Corp

Ms. Prats is a Partner at ioMosaic where she is responsible for leading and supporting the firm’s Process Safety Management consulting group. As the group leader, she has helped many companies with PSM implementation for PSM and non-PSM covered processes. Her extensive experience includes leading and facilitating audits, process hazard analyses (PHA), facility siting studies, and quantitative risk analyses (QRA) for reactive and non-reactive chemical, petroleum and pharmaceutical facilities. She is also experienced with pressure relief and flare system design and evaluation for reactive and non-reactive chemical and petrochemical companies. Read more