Multi-Factor Authentication

Process Safety Enterprise™ - New Multi-Factor Authentication Protects against Fraud

Houston, Texas – March 24, 2015

ioMosaic Corporation has released its multi-factor authentication solution which is directly integrated with, and harnesses the power of its flagship product Process Safety Enterprise™.

With 'cyber attackers’ getting more aggressive and sophisticated, there is heightened risk for potential breach in security daily. Our new multi-factor authentication turnkey feature proactively guards against this risk by strengthening independent levels of security layers beyond the traditional username and password. Corporate leaders can rest assured that their intellectual property and sensitive customer data are being well protected 24/7.

At ioMosaic, we strive for continuous improvement while safeguarding data and adding increased value to our products. We encourage all existing Process Safety Enterprise™ licensees to upgrade as soon as possible to protect your valuable information.

Process Safety Enterprise™ is a user-configurable, enterprise-level, server-based information management solution. It enables companies to securely and easily manage the lifecycle of process safety data for compliance, risk management, and business advantage. Process Safety Enterprise ™ integrates all the process safety management elements in one enterprise system and enforces reliability, availability, auditability, and maintainability of this important data.

Through innovation and dedication to continual improvement, ioMosaic has become a leading provider of integrated process safety and risk management solutions. ioMosaic has expertise in a wide variety of areas, including pressure relief and flare systems design, process safety management, expert litigation support, laboratory services, training and software development.

ioMosaic is an integrated process safety and risk management consulting firm focused on helping you manage and reduce episodic risk. Because when safety, efficiency, and compliance are improved, you can sleep better at night. Our over 40 years of industry expertise allow us the flexibility, resources and capabilities to determine what you need to reduce and manage episodic risk, maintain compliance and prevent injuries and catastrophic incidents.

Our mission is to help you protect your people, your plant, your stakeholder value, and our planet.

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