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Users Group Follow Up 2018 Newsletter

Download the Users Group Follow Up 2018 Newsletter

The Importance of A Competent Workforce

Sharing Critical Process Safety Information

Improve Process Safety Competencies

Calculate, Reduce, and Manage Your Risk

An Easier Solution for PSM Lifecycle Management

2018 Users Group Meeting Presentations

Users Group Follow Up 2017 Newsletter

Download the Users Group Follow Up 2017 Newsletter

Highlights of Our 11th Annual Global Software Users Group Meeting

Process Safety Enterprise® 2017 Advancements

Process Safety Office® 2017 Advancements

Fall 2016 Newsletter

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Regulated Industry Successfully Challenges New OSHA Process Safety Management Enforcement Policies

Beyond Quantitative Risk Analysis Results Part II

New Release of ioAuditor™ Software

See Us at the Mary Kay O'Connor 2016 Symposium on Process Safety

Registration Open for 11th Annual Global Software Users Group Meeting

Summer 2016 Newsletter

Download the Summer 2016 Newsletter

PHMSA Kicked Off a Meeting in DC With an Unusually Open Discussion of a Fiery Accident

Introducing Process Safety Television by ioMosiac

Beyond Quantitative Risk Analysis Results - Part 1

Get a Free Copy of PHAGlobal®

NEW! Process Safety Enterprise® Managed Application Hosting solution

See Us at Middle East Petrotech 2016

Users Group Follow Up 2016 Newsletter

Download the Users Group Follow Up 2016 Newsletter

Highlights of Our 10th Annual Global Software Users Group Meeting

Process Safety Enterprise® Enhancements and Additions

Process Safety Office® Enhancements and Additions

The SuperChems™ Theme Song 

Winter 2015 Newsletter

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Screening Tool for Runaway Reaction Characterization: Optimizing Efforts for ERS Design 
Developing a Sound Process Safety Culture: A Persistent and Hard Work

Process Safety Office® SuperChems™ v.8

Two Hurt After Tanker Explosion

10th Annual Global Software Users Group Meeting

Summer 2015 Newsletter

Download the Summer 2015 Newsletter

How to Avoid the Singing Safety Relief Valve Problem

Mechanical Integrity Considerations in LNG Depressurization, A Sensitivity Analysis

Process Safety Enterprise® Data Migration for Legacy Documentation

Process Safety Office® PHAGlobal™ is so much more than HAZOPs  
SuperChems™ Version 7.29 to be released Summer 2015

OSHRC Rules Process Safety Violations NOT Barred By OSHA's Six Month Statute of Limitations

Spring 2015 Newsletter

Download the Spring 2015 Newsletter

HAZard and OPerability (HAZOP) Guidelines

Conduct Effective Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) Studies

Process Safety Enterprise® New Multi-Factor Authentication Protects Against Fraud

Process Safety Office® HAZOPtimizer™ Update Coming Soon 

Users Group Follow Up 2015 Newsletter

Download the Users Group Follow Up 2015 Newsletter

Highlights of Our 9th Annual Global Software Users Group Meeting

Process Safety Enterprise® enhancements and additions

Process Safety Office® enhancements and additions

Challenge 2015 Winning Submission

Fall 2014 Newsletter

Download the Fall 2014 Newsletter

Analysis of PRV Stablity in Relief Systems

The Importance of Using Rated Capacity for PRV Stablity Calculations 
LNG Conference Presentation 

Spring 2013 Newsletter

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NFPA 654 2013 Edition is Released

Why do I follow the 3% rule?

Streamlining the PHA Process for Small Businesses

Fall 2012 Newsletter

Download the Fall 2012 Newsletter

Reactive Pressure Relief and Flare System Design Overview   

Anatomy of an OSHA PM Citation

Ask an Expert: "What are some cost-effective approaches to combustible dust testing?" 

Summer 2012 Newsletter

Download the Summer 2012 Newsletter

Pay It Forward — Passing on Institutional Knowledge

LNG Reverses Course, Becomes Transportation Fuel

Basics of Pressure Relief and Flare System Knowledge Management

Special Feature Series Preventing Incidents: Reevaluating Your Incident Management System PART I

Spring 2012 Newsletter

Download the Spring 2012 Newsletter

Advances in Quantitative Risk Analysis

Maximizing Existing Flare Systems

Preparing for an OSHA Chemical NEP Inspection

Ask an Expert: "How do I identify hazards before they become incidents?"

Fall 2011 Newsletter

Download the Fall 2011 Newsletter

Effective and Practical Tools for Screening Reactive Hazards

Organizational Change Management

Improved Safeguard Selection with LOPA

ioXpress™ Security Enhancements

Ask an Expert: "How do I address key safety issues for combustible dust handling?"

Summer 2011 Newsletter

Download the Summer 2011 Newsletter

Introducing ioKinetic, LLC: A State-of-the-Art Testing Facility

Project Bread Walk for Hunger Raises $3.6 million

Ask an Expert "How do you predict rainout from a high-temperature hydrocarbon vapor release?"

Spring 2011 Newsletter

Download the Spring 2011 Newsletter

Reactivity Expert Assists in OSHA 1910.119

Information Requirements for Dust Deflagration Venting

Portfolio Risk Management for Process Safety

Ask an Expert: "When should I use our management of change process in conjunction with a capital project and how does the process hazard analysis for a capital project fit in with our management of change program?"

Fall 2010 Newsletter

Download the Fall 2010 Newsletter

HAZOPtimizer™... Not Just for PHAs  
Recent OSHA Actions with the PSM Chemical NEP

Ask an Expert: "What flow rate should be used to calculate the stability of a relief valve?"

Summer 2010 Newsletter

Download the Summer 2010 Newsletter

HAZCOM for Combustible Dust

Big Changes to NFPA 654

OSHA Makes Aggressive Enhancements to its Penalty Policies

Social Media: Redefining Public Relations in Our Industry

Rules of Thumb: Combustible Dust Testing

SuperChems™ Now Models Blast Loads and Structural Failure Dynamics

Spring 2010 Newsletter

Download the Spring 2010 Newsletter

OSHA Issued 4,900+ Citations in 2009 Under Combustible Dust NEP: How to Avoid Being One of Them in 2010

SuperChems™ User's Guide is Now Available for V6.2mp

Validating Relief System Performance During Flare Outages

Big Changes to API RP 752 Third Edition - All Retroactive