Liquefied Natural Gas Management

Liquefied Natural Gas Hazards

Understanding liquefied natural gas (LNG) properties and hazards is essential to managing risk. Proper management requires consideration of unique LNG hazards such as the potential for pool formation, dispersion, and fire and explosion.

Experienced Professionals

ioMosaic possesses a thorough understanding of the design and key issues associated with onshore and offshore LNG facilities. We have led the design and review of LNG facilities including hazard and operability (HAZOP) studies and quantitative risk analyses (QRAs). Our multifaceted approach takes into consideration the needs of regulators, engineering contractors and most importantly, you.

Our professionals have extensive experience involving LNG terminals, send-out facilities, and associated pipelines and power plants. We provide LNG project development, operations management, and safety and risk management using proven modeling techniques and software tools.

Tools for Liquefied Natural Gas Risk Management

ioMosaic uses cutting-edge software to complete QRAs, HAZOP and hazard identification studies, safety integrity level (SIL) reviews and consequence analysis modeling.

Process Safety Enterprise® ioXpress is a customizable enterprise knowledge management solution that can manage all of your engineering, plant and process safety management data. It includes visual workflow for management of change, incident investigation and more. ioXpress can be fully integrated with the following programs:

  • Process Safety Office® component SuperChems™ is an advanced tool for evaluating relief and flare systems and conducting consequence analyses and QRAs
  • Process Safety Office® component ioLogic™ allows you to create and edit fault trees for any purpose using our highly intuitive visual interface. Includes SIL and safety instrumented system templates
  • Process Safety Office® component PHAGlobal® is a simple, easy-to-use tool to record the results of different process hazard analyses (PHA) using any PHA methodology and security vulnerability analysis. Includes multiple-layer support and numerous templates