Enio Kumpinsky, Ph.D.

Principal Consultant

Dr. Kumpinsky has over 35 years of diversified experience in process safety in the chemical manufacturing industry. In addition to process safety, his career has included Lean Six Sigma initiatives and statistics training, and also process engineering focused on R&D and manufacturing for a diverse range of chemical products and processes in national and international divisions. Dr. Kumpinsky’s experience has honed his expertise in the areas of process safety design, chemical reactivity and kinetic modeling, and hazard identification. He is fluent in Portuguese and proficient in Spanish. 

Dr. Kumpinsky is well authored and published in leading industry publications. He is also an avid presenter at annually held DIERS and AIChE conferences. Dr. Kumpinsky is an active peer reviewer for papers and grant proposals for several publications and organizations, including the American Chemical Society (ACS) and Elsevier. He holds three patents for chemical manufacturing processes. Dr. Kumpinsky is also certified as a Six Sigma Master Black Belt.

Dr. Kumpinsky manages the laboratory operations and the related consulting work at ioKinetic. ioKinetic conducts both chemical reactivity and combustible dust testing, including ARC™, APTAC™, DSC, explosion severity (KSt, Pmax), minimum ignition energy, minimum explosible concentration, etc. In this role, he helps clients define their testing needs, specifies test plans, interprets data and reports test results.

Prior to ioMosaic, he held senior positions at Ashland, Inc. in the areas of chemical engineering, reaction kinetics, kinetic modeling, calorimetry, process engineering, process safety, mathematical modeling, reactor design, process simulation, polymer chemistry, polymer science, polymers, coatings, chemistry, and catalysis. Dr. Kumpinsky began his career as a Division Engineer for E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company.

Experience Sampling

Expertise in adiabatic and heat-flow calorimetry, heat and mass transfer, thermodynamics, chemical kinetics, and distillation.

Advanced experience in SADT for storage and transportation of various chemicals and chemical compounds.

Developed techniques for the evaluation and optimization of heat-transfer capabilities in chemical reactors.

Skilled in the use of statistics to develop kinetic models.

Significant experience managing processes including phenol-formaldehyde resins, unsaturated polyester resins, vinyl ester resins, alkyds, acrylic polymers, urethanes, cellulosic products (ethylene oxide-based, propylene oxide-based, chloroacetic acid-based) and highly specialized reactions; polymerization via addition, condensation, solvent-based, bulk, free radical, emulsion and others.

Advanced R&D experience for chemical products and processes such as: polymer/filler compounding, membrane separations, microporous films, organic and polymer chemistry, flammability and solvent resistant polymers, catalysis, economic evaluation of polymerization processes, industrial vacuum drying, advanced polymers for composites, aerospace and electronics, experience in slurry polymerization, synthesis of polyetherketones, and acid catalysts.

Manufacturing experience for chemical products and processes such as: polymerization reactor design and scale-up (sizing, mixing, heat transfer and materials of construction), emulsion shearing, production, quality assurance and prevention of fugitive emissions, emulsion polymerization, and the manufacturing of neoprene rubber

Performed modeling for process safety incidents and near misses of chemically reactive systems. Skilled in relief calculations using Process Safety Office® SuperChems™ and the Omega Method. Skilled in consequence modeling using Process Safety Office® SuperChems™ and PHAST.

Responsible for scale-up, pre-manufacturing notices, and issuing manufacturing procedures for novel product and process development for various standard and specialty chemical projects.

Conducted dozens of consequence analysis and facility siting studies involving a wide range of toxic and flammable materials/chemicals.


Six Sigma Master Black Belt

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

University of Houston
Ph.D. Chemical Engineering

Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
M.S. Chemical Engineering

Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul
B. S. Chemical Engineering