Lin Ding

Safety and Risk Management Consultant

Ms. Ding is focused on pressure relief and flare system design and analysis for large chemical, petrochemical, and utility companies in the United States and China. She is skilled and experienced in process safety management (PSM), hazard identification techniques, and quantitative risk assessment (QRA). Ms. Ding performs emergency relief system (ERS) design, pressure system capacities and stability evaluations in accordance with emergency relief codes and industrial standards such as ASME, API, ASHRAE, UL, NFPA, etc.

Project Sampling

Expertise in developing process flow diagram (PFD), process and instrument drawing (P&ID), and equipment design and specifications.

Experience with analyzing dynamic relief requirements for tube rupture cases where large sudden shock loads are expected.

Participates in consequence modeling for building siting, atmospheric vents, and flares.

Executed PRFS design projects for reactive systems for clients in specialty chemicals and plastics industries.

Performed calorimetry data interpretation (ARC, APTAC), kinetic model development to complete PRFS design.


Northeastern University
M.S. Chemical Engineering 

Qingdao University of Science and Technology, China
B.S. Polymer Material and Engineering