Dynamic Table Functionality Added to Process Safety Enterprise® Form Builder

October Technology Update


New Product Feature 

In June, we announced our redesigned Process Safety Enterprise® form builder engine with its new drag and drop full-featured form editing tool. This tool significantly reduces the time it takes to build complex forms due to its user-friendly interface. We have continued to make improvements to offer even more advanced functionalities, including a new dynamic table component. This feature in the form builder is now available to users. It offers easy configuration to yield calculations and renders the chart based on data collected on the table.

How to Enable Multi-Factor Authentication 

Process Safety Enterprise® provides the ability to implement several layers of security for your data protection. Enable multi-factor authentication for additional security in four simple steps:

  1. Login as system administrator
  2. Go to the user's profile
  3. Expand authentication setting
  4. Select authentication type and then click on Save
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