Process Safety Office® v9.0 Release

Process Safety Office® v9.0 Release


We are pleased to announce to all users a new release of Process Safety Office®. Version 9.0 comes with lots of advancements.

In addition to updating and enhancing the computing engine, v9.0 delivers a brand new SuperChems™ Visual Interface (SCVI). While leveraging the SuperChems™ rigorous engine, the SCVI revamps and streamlines the interface architecture. It enhances usability by simplifying the data entries and handling multiple functions effortlessly. The new visual interface includes a suite of all common consequence models, equipping users to conduct consequence analysis seamlessly. We anticipate incremental delivery of flow models and utilities in the subsequent releases.

SuperChems™ v9.0 Features

New Capabilities

We've added a new unit system, improved the PRV object and the compressor performance, enhanced the two-phase/universal vessel model, as well as reactions handling, enabling you to achieve even more proficiency.

Slick User Interface

We've migrated 20 consequence models with a brand new facelift for explosions, fire and dispersion calculations, so the interface elements are easier to access, understand, and use.

Improved Productivity

We've reduced the number of steps and time it takes to accomplish tasks, so you can now complete work 2-3 times faster.

Helps Your Bottom Line

We've optimized the user experience, resulting in better usability and shorter calculation times.


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