Benchmarking Current Industry Practices for Handling Highly Toxic Chemicals Case Study


The Challenge

An international oil company was preparing to startup a state of the art acid gas injection facility and needed to benchmark against current industry practices for handling large quantities of toxic gas at high pressure.

Our Approach

ioMosaic researched current industry practices that were publicly available as well as information available at companies where we had well-established industry contacts. Our team were able to provide considerable information on the handling of other toxic materials including hydrogen fluoride, phosgene, chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, and others. These industry practices were then compared to those used on the project site and several were incorporated into the design and operation of the new facility.

The Benefits

Our team was able to provide a considerable amount of relevant industry information on an extremely fast track. The client was able to compare their proposed practices to those for handling other toxic materials and incorporate some additional features without a significant impact on their project schedule and cost. Safety was enhanced and our client was pleased with the results.

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