Mitigation Options Analysis Following a PRFS Revalidation Case Study


The Challenge

A leading producer of chemicals and related products retained ioMosaic to complete an evaluation of the Maleic Anhydride (MAN) unit, needed to ensure compliance with the PSM standard.

OSHA 29 CFR 1910.119 Process Safety Management (PSM) requires, under the Process Safety Information (PSI) element, that employers compile information on the hazards of the highly hazardous chemicals used or produced by the process, information on the technology of the process, and information on the equipment in the process.

Our Approach

Our team had initially identified discrepancies in the initial baseline relief system analysis of the MAN unit during an earlier project. The mitigation options analysis was performed by reviewing each identified discrepancy, determining if the system inadequacy was still confirmed after more detailed simulations were conducted, and determined mitigation options that could be looked at to make the system adequate. The analysis and documentation were prepared using our Process Safety Office® SuperChems™ software.

Using our industry expertise, ioMosaic also assisted the client in grouping the identified deficiencies and providing guidance to use for a later risk ranking activity the client was performing internally. The pressure relief and flare system design analysis involved an extensive review of their process data. To manage the data and complete the calculations and reports, the team used the Emergency Relief System Design Workflow in our Process Safety Enterprise® platform.

The Benefits

The client received updates to the SuperChems™ executable files for each of the 350 systems in the operating unit, where applicable. These serve as the official, as-built, relief system design basis records.

The client also received updates to the fully-implemented Process Safety Enterprise® database for the MAN unit with all relevant documentation, specification sheets, summary information, etc., for the client to readily access.

The team updated the discussion list of resulting findings/concerns from the baseline evaluation, where applicable.

The client also received mitigation options analysis list with potential options.

The team held high-level management discussion meetings with key client personnel after each unit evaluation to review and validate the findings and proposed options.
Mitigation Options Analysis Following a PRFS Revalidation Case Study
The detailed list of potential deviations from industry codes, standards, RAGAGEP, and client corporate guidelines highlighted 506 items summarized in Table 1. 

This list of 506 items, along with potential mitigation options for each item, was reviewed with the client process safety management and operations groups. As a result of the successful baseline revalidation study, further deviations have been identified via subsequent projects.

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