Pressure Relief System Revalidation Case Study


The Challenge

A leading producer of chemicals and related products needed an evaluation of their Light Olefins Unit to ensure compliance with the OSHA PSM standard. OSHA 29 CFR 1910.119 Process Safety Management (PSM) requires, under the Process Safety Information (PSI) element, that employers compile information pertaining to the equipment in the process including relief system design and design basis. In their desire to ensure compliance with the PSM standard, the client retained ioMosaic to complete an evaluation of the Light Olefins Unit (LOU). The analysis and documentation were prepared using Process Safety Office® SuperChems™.

Our Approach

The Pressure Relief System analysis was performed in accordance with the ioMosaic standard workflow process. A pressure relief system design analysis involves an extensive review of process data. This project utilized our Process Safety Enterprise® knowledge management system to manage the data used by the analysis and the completed analysis calculations and reports.

The light olefins unit contains integrated compression systems with several spill-backs and automated de-pressuring systems. Using our industry expertise, the compressor systems overpressure scenarios were rigorously evaluated. In addition, many of the sections of the plant operate on a semi-continuous basis, where one or more lines are in a production mode while the remaining lines are in a regeneration mode. Each of the steps of these modes were studied independently to assure that all sources of overpressure were identified and evaluated.

The Benefits

The resulting project deliverables included:

  • SuperChems™ executable files for each of the 723 relief devices in the operating unit within scope
  • SuperChems™ executable files for each of 194 unprotected systems identified within the facility
  • A discussion list of resulting findings / concerns identified for each of the sub-systems within the LOU
  • A comprehensive discussion list for the entire LOU
  • A full-implemented instance of Process Safety Enterprise® dedicated to the site with all relevant documentation (executable files, support calculations, and specification sheets, and other design information) uploaded and linked for ready access by the client

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