Process Hazard Analysis of Batch Alcohol Processes Case Study


The Challenge

An international personal products manufacturer needed to complete process hazard analyses of their alcohol processes to meet regulatory and company requirements. The Process Hazard Analyses (PHAs) could not be completed until all necessary Process Safety Information was compiled.

Our Approach

We traced each piece of equipment and interconnecting piping, updated existing piping and instrument drawings and provided them in electronic CAD format. Meanwhile, the client collected all other process safety information. We updated existing PHAs and conducted new PHAs for the appropriate section of the process. For equipment that manufactured multiple products, we defined the worst-case products from a potential safety impact in terms of the quantity of alcohol added and the alcohol concentration and temperature in the product after alcohol addition. These products were then used as the proxy for the full range of products manufactured in that equipment. By using the hazard assessment documentation software PHAGlobal® the team was able to deliver the assessments in a timely and efficient manner.

The Benefits

We completed the required process hazard analyses in a timely manner and identified ways to reduce potential for fires and explosions.

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