Toxic Gas Release During Delivery of Chemical Case Study


The Challenge

When a tank car failed at a client’s plant, a release of toxic gas occurred. Our client, the supplier of the chemical, became the subject of a class action lawsuit.

Our Approach

ioMosaic was able to demonstrate that the tank car failure and resulting release were due to the plaintiff’s actions, not our client's. Our team incorporated a partner’s expertise on the proper handling of this toxic material, coupled with our in-house expertise on corrosion, to prepare expert opinion reports for the court. Using dispersion modeling, we were also able to show that many of the claims of the plaintiffs were false. We also conducted laboratory experiments, video taped for use in court.

Our team are experienced in preparing expert opinion reports and white papers to assist attorneys in responding to interrogatories, including Root Cause Analysis, Verification of Physical Evidence, and Structural Analysis.

The Benefits

Just prior to the start of the trial, our client, the chemical supplier, was able to reach an acceptable settlement with the plaintiffs.

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