Emergency Relief Effluent Handling System Design

Designing Effluent Handling Systems

A properly designed pressure relief and flare system (PRFS) needs to consider separation, treatment and safe disposal of effluent streams to protect personnel and the environment. This may involve the use of gas/liquid separators, reaction quench tanks, passive scrubbers and vent or flare stacks.

Experienced Professionals

ioMosaic’s professionals have decades of experience performing PRFS analysis and design. We provide cost-effective mitigation options to maximize existing flare structures.

Our partnerships with engineering and construction firms provide you with resourceful and detailed engineering. We ensure efficiency and quality control by incorporating proven workflow methods.

Design Tools

Process Safety Office™ component SuperChems™ can perform sizing calculations of multiple relief devices with associated inlet and outlet piping, and simultaneously account for header, separator and flare stack pressure drop. SuperChems can also calculate the dispersion or radiation effects due to venting or flaring. It can also perform sizing calculations for specified effluent handling equipment, such as cyclones, knockout drums and quench tanks.

SuperChems is a sophisticated computer code that is capable of handling all the modeling requirements of pressure relief and effluent handling design, including the rating of two-phase headers and interlinked vessels.

By utilizing this software, our experienced professionals can achieve a high level of productivity and reduce the cost of designing or revalidating effluent handling systems.

Process Safety Office™ component ioVu™ is a unique software package that makes it easy to create and edit piping isometrics. It allows users to create new diagrams by dragging and dropping components to the canvas and connecting them. We use it to perform fault tree analyses and high-integrity protection systems analysis. Combine with Process Safety Enterprise® ioXpress or a fully integrated process safety management solution.