Process Simulation

Benefits of Process Simulation

An accurate Heat and Material Balance is a key piece for Process Safety Information for any facility. It can be referenced during many types of process safety studies which ioMosaic Corporation typically performs, including Pressure Relief and Flare Systems Design, Quantitative Risk Analysis, Facility Siting and Process Hazard Analysis.

An accurate process simulation enables ioMosaic and our clients, to better and more accurately evaluate hazards to a facility. ioMosaic offers a broad understanding of process simulation and heat and material balance development.

We have a wide range of process simulation project experience, ranging from refineries, chemical and petrochemical plants, pharmaceuticals and liquefied natural gas facilities. ioMosaic can conduct process simulation using any commercially available process simulation tools depending on client or project requirements.

The Need for Process Simulation

OSHA process safety management regulations require heat and material balances to be provided for processes built after May, 1992. As well as being a code requirement, process simulations are integral to a comprehensive process hazard analysis.

Experienced Professionals

ioMosaic personnel have extensive experience in developing process simulations, and heat and material balances. This activity can be conducted independently, or integrated as part of a larger study, such as a flare and relief systems study.

We are particularly proud to offer that so many of our clients return to us for process simulation services; and that they continue to rely on us for integrity, insight and value. Our recommendations are practical and based on sound engineering practices, while keeping operability and cost-effectiveness in mind.

Process Simulation Tools

ioMosaic can utilize commercially available software packages, such as ASPEN HYSYS or Invensys PRO/II, depending on client or project requirements.