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Screening Tool for Runaway Reaction Characterization Newsletter

Jun 20, 2024, 10:12 AM by Deborah Rivero
In this newsletter, Georges Melhem presents a screening tool for characterizing reactive systems applicable to process- and fire-induced runaway reactions.

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Adequate ERS design can ensure the safety and integrity of the system. However, not all desired chemical reactions or unstable mixtures present the same level of risk, and accordingly, not all of them require the same level of effort and time for ERS design.

In this newsletter, Georges Melhem, Ph.D., FAIChE, presents an easy-to-use and effective screening tool for characterizing any reactive system based on information extracted from basic calorimetric testing. He’ll cover:

Cooling Failure Scenario Calorimetric Testing Runaway Risk Ranking Criteria Runaway Reaction Criticality Index ERS Design Strategy Based on Screening Tool Results


This newsletter also includes access to a 9-minute PStv® Safety Moment - Pressure Relief Design for Reactive Chemicals with valuable Emergency Relief System (ERS) design information.

The proposed screening tool is intended to be independently applied for process and/or fire-induced runaway reactions.

Have a great and safe day.


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