DIERS 2024 Spring Virtual Meeting

DIERS 2024 Spring Virtual Meeting

Chemical engineers from facilities around the globe will share their expertise April 24 – 26, 2024.

This event is packed full of the topics that are top of mind for ERS designers, consultants, and valve manufacturers, all explained through case studies, presentations, current regulations, including networking sessions. If you work with pressure relief systems, you don't want to miss it!

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Sampling of Sessions

Below is just a highlight of all the great sessions you'll experience. View the full agenda now then save your seat for this conference. And don't forget there will be networking sessions, too, so you can engage with presenters and attendees. 

The Epistemology of the Joule-Thompson Coefficient Dilip Das, Design and Safety, LLC
Relief to Safe Location Kerry McBride, Hunt Guillot & Associates
Analysis of PRV Stability In Relief Systems - Pilot Operated Pressure Relief Valves Part VIII Georges Melhem, Ph.D., FAIChE, ioMosaic
Managing Chemical Reactivity Hazards in Multipurpose Equipment Georges Melhem, Ph.D., FAIChE, ioMosaic
ASME XIII Update Danielle Mainiero Cessna, PE, PROSAF
Thermal Safety Risk Assessment Method Based On Critical Reaction Half-Life for Continuous Flow Reactors Min Sheng, Ph.D. & P.E., East China University of Science and Technology
Hazards Posed by Discharges from Emergency Pressure Relief Systems Amanda Johnson and Adam Henson
Challenges in the Piping Downstream of Pressure Relief Devices Yuqing Liu, Bechtel Oil, Gas, & Chemicals
Understanding the Value of Temperature Modulation in DSC and Other Thermal Analysis Methods Peter Ralbovsky, NETZSCH Instruments, Inc.
Latent Heat Considerations for Pressure Relief Systems Georges Melhem, Ph.D., FAIChE, ioMosaic
Pressure Relief Valve – Two-Phase Flow Discharge Coefficient Considerations Greg Hendrickson, Retired, Chevron Phillips Chemical Company and Russell Merriam
Risk Ranking Methodology for Safe Discharge Locations Maria Dillard, Honeywell
Determining the Proper Discharge Coefficient for Pressure Relief Valve Sizing Nancy Faulk, Ph.D., CCPSC, Siemens Energy and Abdul Aldeeb, Siemens Energy
Model Free Kinetics Using the ASTM Methods Peter Ralbovsky, NETZSCH Instruments, Inc.
Overcome the Challenges of Implementing SIF for Reactive Processes Eloise Roche
Thermal Expansion Considerations for PRD Sizing Eric Parvin
Implementation of Two-Dimensional Interpolation Thermodynamic Models in PASS/Hydrosystem Fluid Flow Analysis Software Maria Skripachenko and Leonid Korelstein
Relief Device Stability and Acoustical Dampening Dustin Smith, Smith & Burgess
Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Tube Rupture Simulation for Safer Design Sam Bash

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