Simplify Your PHA and DHA with PHAGlobal®

Process hazard analysis documentation software that makes compliance easy.

OSHA regulations mandate that a Process Hazard Analysis or Dust Hazard Analysis needs to occur every 5 years or sooner if a Management of Change (MOC) occurs. With PHAGlobal® you can ensure a more comprehensive overview in less time than other leading software.

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PHAGlobal® v10 Feature Highlights

Legacy Software Compatible
Automatically converts existing projects in older formats (.xlsm and .xlsx)

Flexible Node Types
Allows different nodes from different templates (HAZOP, LOPA, etc)

Customizable Templates
Users can customize templates before adding nodes


Customizable Risk Matrix

HAZOP/LOPA Compatibility
Automatically create a LOPA node based on a HAZOP node

Third-Party Software Conversion
Easily convert/export data from other PHA software

Reporting Export Feature
Export studies to Excel or Word and retain worksheet formatting


PHAGlobal Drag and Drop Nodes


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PHA Studies and Compliance Made Easy

Introducing Process Safety Office® PHAGlobal®

Constant change is the new normal in today's workplaces. Can your team get up and running quickly with your software for conducting risk analyses? Read the ioMosaic white paper for a look at PHAGlobal®. Included is a comparative analysis of PHAGlobal® features with other commercially available solutions and several case studies.

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Featured Case Studies


Process Hazard Analysis Revalidation of Chemical Laboratories

A leading chemical supplier relocated their microbiology and environmental labs from one location to another one in 2008. The client wanted to have a revalidation of their PHA by conducting a new PHA to review the basic design and practices.

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A coal fired power plant, producing enough energy to supply 190,000 households, had observed leaks from their break away anhydrous ammonia unloading connections. The client initiated a Management of Change (MOC) to replace the connections with non­break away connections. The plant uses anhydrous ammonia in its NOx scrubbing processes, a chemical that is unloaded from tanker trucks and tank railcars. The electric utility company had expanded their NOx scrubbing system in 2009. 

An international personal products manufacturer needed to complete process hazard analyses of their alcohol processes to meet regulatory and company requirements. The process hazard analyses could not be completed until all necessary process safety information was compiled.


Companies have implemented their process safety management programs to comply with OSHA and EPA requirements, but they continue to have accidents. Process safety management programs can meet the letter of the law, but may not be effective in preventing accidents.


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