ioMosaic ioView Fall 2023

The latest newsletter from ioMosaic provides guidance and best practices for risk evaluation. Previewed in this edition is the white paper Facility Major Risk Survey by Henry Ozog and Peter Stickles. Performing a full Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) of each plant is not always necessary to identify the major areas for risk reduction at the plant level. Read this newsletter for the key elements of the risk evaluation methodology and examples of typical findings.

Watch the included PStv® Safety Moment video on the vital part your facility’s layers of protection play in safety.

On April 26, 2018, an explosion and subsequent fire occurred at the Husky Superior Refinery in Superior, WI. The CSB incident report noted the refinery’s failure to identify, evaluate, and control their process hazards as a key lesson. Read the incident report for important lessons learned on what to include in a quality Process hazard Analysis (PHA) study.

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