ioView Spring 2023

The latest newsletter focuses on Construction Hazard Analysis (CHA) methods, tools, and resources to help the reader find an effective solution to managing their construction risks.

Today’s business environment is more complex than prior years making construction risk more important to manage than before. Incidents that may have gone unnoticed can now instantly become infamous and can draw the attention of different groups including community groups, regulators and special interest groups, with different priorities, including the potential delay or stopping of your project.

Download this newsletter for lessons learned, effective solutions, and resources you can use to optimize your risk during construction. Included is access to the PStv® video presentation on preventing hidden risks in construction and Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) using PHA techniques, by principal consultant Chris Conlon. Mr. Conlon has over 35 years specializing in process safety and risk management for the gas storage, pipeline, CNG, renewable gas, and LNG transportation industries.

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